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Journal Articles

Precise Brain Age Estimation Using a novel 2D CNN and contrastive learning-based approach [Read More]

Iman Kianian, Hedieh Sajedi, Q1 High impact factor journal, 2024 [Link]

Advances and Challenges in Video Saliency Prediction: A Comprehensive Survey [Read More]

Iman Kianian, Pooria Omrani, Ramin Toosi, Mohammad Ali Akhaee, Q1 High impact factor journal, 2024 [Link]

Automated identification of toxigenic cyanobacterial genera for water quality control purposes [Read More]

Iman Kianian, MohammadSadeq Mottaqi, Fatemeh Mohammadipanah, Hedieh Sajedi, Journal of Environmental Management, 2023 [Link]

Conference Articles