M.Sc. in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence at the University of Tehran (2021 - Present)

GPA: 18.53 out of 20.00 (3.82 out of 4.00)

Some Selected Courses:

Course NameTeacherGrade (out of 20.00)
Machine LearningDr. Hedieh Sajedi / Dr. Bagher Baba Ali19.90
Natural Language ProcessingDr. Bagher Baba Ali19.50
Digital Image Processing and Computer VisionDr. Hedieh Sajedi20.00

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Thesis: Brain Age Estimation Using deep neural networks and MR images

Research in brain age estimation is crucial for a multitude of reasons, encompassing early detection of neurological disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, the advancement of aging-related research, and personalized healthcare. In this thesis some advanced approaches such as relational learning are taken and the results have been reported. However, working on models for the prediction of ages is not finished. I will continue to achieve better results in the following months.

B.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Guilan (2017 - 2021)

Major GPA: 19.18 out of 20.00 (3.97 out of 4.00)

Overall GPA: 18.64 out of 20.00 (3.84 out of 4.00)

Some Selected Courses:

Course NameTeacherGrade (out of 20.00)
Computer Principles and ProgrammingDr. Maryam Seifaddini19.75
Advanced ProgrammingDr. Sadegh Eskandari20.00
Fundamentals of Mathematical SciencesDr. Mansour Hashemi17.75
Fundamentals of ProbabilityDr. Mahnaz Nabil20.00
Data Structures and AlgorithmsDr. Maryam Seifaddini20.00
Fundamentals of Matrices and Linear AlgebraProf. Mohammad Kiyanpour17.00
Basics of Computation Theory (Automata Theory)Dr. Hashem Saberi17.00
Fundamentals of Logic and Set TheoryDr. Maryam Seifaddini20.00
Data MiningProf. Farshid Mehrdoust20.00
Principles of Database DesignDr. Sadegh Eskandari20.00
Fundamentals of CombinatoricsDr. Maryam Seifaddini18.50
Principles of Computational IntelligenceDr. Ali Jamalian20.00
Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsDr. Maryam Seifaddini19.25
B. S. Computer Sciences ProjectDr. Sadegh Eskandari20.00
Fundamentals of AlgebraDr. Payam Bahiraei18.00
Numerical Linear AlgebraProf. Davod khojasteh19.25
Artificial IntelligenceDr. Sadegh Eskandari20.00
Computer SimulationDr. Amirhossein Tabatabai19.04
Computation TheoryDr. Hashem Saberi20.00

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Thesis: Face Detection and Recognition in real-time videos and cameras

Face recognition is a critical task in computer vision and artificial intelligence. It involves the identification and verification of individuals based on their facial features. The importance of this technology cannot be overstated, as it has a wide range of applications, from enhancing security systems and enabling secure access control to improving user experiences in various domains. With the advent of deep learning techniques, face recognition has become more accessible and accurate than ever before. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and deep learning models have revolutionized the field, allowing for robust and efficient face detection and identification. These advancements have paved the way for innovative biometrics, surveillance, and personalization applications, making face recognition an essential component of modern AI systems. In my bachelor's thesis, I proposed an application for attendance of employees and students. I used state-of-the-art methods like FaceNet, MTCNN, RetinaFace, Yolo, and some tracking algorithms to achieve this purpose. I finally succeeded in submitting my proposal as an innovation at the University of Guilan and it was accepted.