Precise Brain Age Estimation Using a novel 2D CNN and contrastive learning-based approach

Published in Q1 High impact factor journal, 2024


Iman Kianian, Hedieh Sajedi

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In process of Writing. About 50% completed. We are gathering the results of the paper. [//]: # (<h3> Abstract </h3>) [//]: # (A key task in computer vision is image and video saliency prediction (VSP), which aims to automatically identify the visually salient regions in an image or video sequence. It can be used for a wide variety of tasks, such as object detection, content-aware video editing, visual attention modelling, and human-computer interaction. This survey offers a thorough overview of the most recent techniques for predicting the saliency of images and videos, including both conventional and deep learning-based methods. We examine diverse approaches, datasets, assessment measures, and field obstacles in order to shed light on saliency prediction research’s advances and potential future paths. This survey comprehensively reviews the advancements and methodologies in video saliency prediction. It provides an overview of traditional approaches, deep learning-based methods, and challenges encountered in both image and video saliency prediction tasks. Furthermore, it highlights various evaluation metrics, benchmark datasets, and applications where saliency prediction plays a crucial role. By identifying the existing gaps and open research directions, this survey aims to inspire future advancements in the field of video saliency prediction, facilitating the development of more accurate and robust saliency models for various applications.)